‘Lovely Stuff’ Large Stuff Bag

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This red hot number is a great way to transport all your goodies from A to B. Or for storage. Either way, no matter what you use this lovely red bag for its safe to say its a colour pop.
With contrasting yellow woven handles and a little star on the front. This large bag comes complete with zip closure. Making it great when out and about, you can keep your stuff safe and zipped away. Or for storage, you can keep the dust out.
The front reads: “Lovely Stuff!”
So buy it and fill to the brim with your very lovely stuff. Or in other words, outgrown children’s clothing, bedding, toys. Eta! If only it was diamonds and champagne! Right?
Material: Polypropylene
Size: 48.5 x 57 x 25.5 cmLarge storage bag with woven handles and zip fastening
Reads ‘Lovely Stuff!’
Wipe clean


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